If you love Australian parrots you will love this cheeky Galah image.

Coffee mug is made of ceramic.

Dishwasher safe and microwave safe.

Size: 10cm High x 8.5cm wide / 11oz.

Save when you buy more than one.

Comes gift boxed.

Makes a great Australiana gift idea.

Galah Facts

The humorous antics of these iconic Australian cockatoos led to their name being applied to anyone acting the fool.  Galahs do indeed sometimes seem to be just having fun like taking turns to slide down cables and wires. They are easy to identify with their distinctive pink and grey plumage. They have a bouncing acrobatic flight and feed on seeds, mostly from the ground. They form huge, noisy flocks that roost together at night. Did you know that Galahs also form permanent pair bonds?

Information was taken from The Nature Conservancy Australia

Australian Galah parrot ceramic coffee mug

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